EU Lawmakers Struggle to Finalise Law to Regulate ChatGPT and Generative AI

As recently as February, generative AI did not feature prominently in EU lawmakers’ plans for regulating generative artificial intelligence (AI) technologies such as ChatGPT. The bloc’s 108-page proposal for the AI Act, published two years earlier, included only one mention of the word “chatbot.” References to AI-generated content largely referred to deepfakes: images or audio … Read more

ChatGPT Restored in Italy After Microsoft-Backed OpenAI Responds to Regulator

The ChatGPT chatbot was reactivated in Italy after its maker OpenAI addressed issues raised by Italy’s data protection authority, the agency and the company confirmed on Friday. Microsoft-backed OpenAI took ChatGPT offline in Italy last month after the country’s data protection authority, also known as Garante, temporarily banned the chatbot and launched a probe over … Read more

Microsoft, Alphabet, Other AI Companies Urged to Prioritize Security Measures for New Technologies

The chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee on Wednesday urged CEOs of several artificial intelligence (AI) companies to prioritize security measures, combat bias, and responsibly roll out new technologies. Democratic Senator Mark Warner raised concerns about potential risks posed by AI technology. “Beyond industry commitments, however, it is also clear that some level of regulation … Read more

ChatGPT: How to Use AI as a Virtual Financial Adviser

From chatbots and virtual assistants to fraud detection and risk management, artificial intelligence (AI) is now being used in many areas of finance. But what could an AI system like ChatGPT do for your bank balance? AI tools might seem overly complex or expensive to non-experts, but advances in natural language processing and machine learning … Read more

Big Tech Investors to Scrutinise Profits After Industry-Wide Layoffs, Firms to Highlight AI as Growth Driver

A quarter into record layoffs, investors in US tech giants will scrutinize if the cost cuts boosted profits to their satisfaction, while the companies emphasize how artificial intelligence will be their next growth driver. Microsoft, Google parent Alphabet, Instagram owner Meta Platforms, and all report quarterly results in this week. Together, they command more than $5 trillion … Read more

Google Bard Now Helps Write Software Codes in 20 Programming Languages

Alphabet’s Google said on Friday it will update Bard, its generative artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, to help people write code to develop software, as the tech giant plays catch-up in a fast-moving race on AI technology. Last month, the company started the public release of Bard to gain ground on Microsoft. The release of ChatGPT, … Read more

SAP Plans to Use OpenAI’s Chatbot ChatGPT Amid Growth in Quarterly Revenue

Business software maker SAP on Friday reported first-quarter revenue above analysts’ expectations, backed by growth in its cloud business but lowered its outlook for the year due to the divestment of its Qualtrics unit. SAP, which in January announced plans to cut 3,000 jobs as it looked to cut costs, foresees no more restructuring this … Read more

Alphabet to Consolidate Google Brain, DeepMind AI Research Units in Race to Keep Up With Rival ChatGPT

Alphabet is combining Google Brain and DeepMind, as it doubles down on artificial intelligence research in its race to compete with rival systems like OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot. The new division will be led by DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis and its setting up will ensure “bold and responsible development of general AI”, Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai … Read more

Google’s Rush to Take Its AI Chatbot Bard Public Led to Ethical Lapses, Employees Say

Shortly before Google introduced Bard, its AI chatbot, to the public in March, it asked employees to test the tool. One worker’s conclusion: Bard was “a pathological liar,” according to screenshots of the internal discussion. Another called it “cringe-worthy.” One employee wrote that when they asked Bard suggestions for how to land a plane, it … Read more

Amazon Releases New Cloud Tools to Help Build Chatbots as AI Competition With Microsoft, Google Heats Up’s cloud computing division on Thursday released a suite of technologies aimed at helping other companies develop their own chatbots and image-generation services backed by artificial intelligence.  Microsoft and Alphabet are adding AI chatbots to consumer products like their search engines, but they are also eying another huge market: selling the underlying technology to other … Read more